I just ordered my PAX East badge! I’m going Friday, hoping against hope that MC Frontalot will be scheduled to perform that night. AND that I’ll have the fortitude to stand in line as long as it takes to get a ticket to Frontalot’s show. It’s a lot to ask, I know. If it doesn’t happen, then so be it, but a guy can dream. I saw him a couple years ago at New England Webcomics Weekend (which apparently is no longer happening?) and it was fun, but I’m curious to see Frontalot perform to a HUGE crowd. Fingers crossed.

On the (very) off chance that you’re NOT familiar with MC Frontalot, I refer you to the excellent documentary Nerdcore Rising, which follows him as he undertakes his first cross-country tour. Good stuff. And here’s one more Frontalot video, Spoiler Alert. Be warned… he spoils about a million different things in this song. But it’s worth it.

Also, I just talked to an old friend of mine, and I found out he’s actually going to be at a booth for PAX, in the tabletop games section. He’ll be at the Zpocalypse booth; while I don’t know much about this game, I was able to scrounge up an image or two on the Interwebs and it looks awesome.

Come get some.

Kind of reminds me of that “Civil War” episode of Community…

It’s been a long time since I was involved with any D&D or other tabletop game, and I’ve been thinking it’s time to dip my toes back into the tabletop scene. Just my toes, for now. I won’t strip down and jump in naked just yet. Anyway, I will most definitely be checking this game out, and I’ll tell you what I find out in March.

Holy crap… I just found out that some former members of Monty Python’s Flying Circus are making a sci-fi movie! See, I procrastinate quite a bit whilst I write these blog-type screeds, and I just happened to discover this heart-stoppingly excellent information in the course of some really intense procrastination. The moral of this story is that procrastination is actually very VERY productive. Thanks, procrastination! Here’s another link to the Forbes version of the above story, which has a bit more info.  And here is a clip of one of my most favorite Monty Python sketches:

You’re welcome.

Okay… last, but certainly not least, I was finally able to get my hands on Dragonborn for PC yesterday. I can’t say too much about it yet, since I only got to wander around in it for an hour or so, but my first impression is that it’s very good. Basically the Skyrim DLC everyone had been hoping for when the game itself was released. It’s got a significant chunk of new land to explore, which is crack for any Elder Scrolls fan, but the thing I like most so far is the connection to Morrowind. It’s pretty neat to see how the island of Solstheim has changed since we last saw it, and it’s also great to once again see some ash-blasted landscapes with funky Morrowind architecture thrown in. And something else I didn’t notice until about a half-hour in… the music is a specific callback to the third Elder Scrolls game. That was a nice nostalgia moment. I expect I’ll be writing WAY too much about that next week.