The webcomic begins!

After several agonizing days and many offerings to the fickle Internet gods, I am happy to announce the premiere of a new webcomic, written and illustrated by yours truly, here on Unbalanced Humors.  A webcomic is like a real comic, except it’s made out of spider webs.  Ever made anything out of spider webs?  It takes a really long time.  Plus there’s all the angry spiders to deal with.

The comic, if you haven’t noticed already, is called “Circuit.”  I was originally going to call it “Circuit City,” because a certain bankrupt company wasn’t using the name anymore and I didn’t want it to go to waste.  In the end, though, “Circuit” sounded a little classier, and generally felt more appropriate.  A circuit, as it’s generally perceived, is a current governed by electronic components.  It pretty much describes in a nutshell the look I was going for when I came up with the idea for the characters and the world they inhabit.  But a circuit is also a journey, especially one that is circular or cyclical in nature.

Bored yet?  At any rate, the name stuck.  It’s short, sweet, and to the point, like a chocolate-covered ant, as a former high school history teacher of mine used to say.

Circuit will run every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from now on.  This is what I plan to devote Unbalanced Humors to for the foreseeable future (it’s the reason why there haven’t been any posts in over a month), but rest assured I will make the older stuff available in an archive very soon.  I’ve had a pretty eventful internet education over the past few days, and I’ve had to start the site from scratch as a result of my fiddling with things I should not.  But I have all the older stuff safely stored on my computer, and I’ll be making it available soon, probably in the form of an archive page.

In the meantime, enjoy the strip.  I’m pretty excited to launch this sucker, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.  Apologies to anyone who checked the site yesterday or Monday and found a mortally wounded web page; I’m sure you were almost as disappointed as I was.

Remember to keep checking every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for new strips… you can also subscribe to the RSS feed by clicking on the little orange tab on the right-hand side of the menu bar, if you’re into that sort of thing.  And tell your friends, family, whoever you want.  Even if you don’t like it… tell them anyway.  There’s no such thing as bad publicity.