Okay… first up: If you haven’t seen the new Prometheus viral video, watch it right now!

[UPDATE: I noticed this video is no longer accessible via the YouTubes. After much needless digging, I was able to find a proper link to the video here: https://www.weylandindustries.com/site/david   Come on, Comcast… there’s a difference between protecting your IP and undermining your own promotional campaign. This was intentionally produced as a “viral” video. It can’t be “viral” if you destroy every link to it and no one can watch it. Don’t be stupid.]

I recommend watching it in HD if you can. It looks glorious. Every time I find a tidbit about Ridley Scott’s latest project, I get more and more excited. Just judging from the quality of these viral quickies alone, it seems like Ridley very much has an affection for the material and the lore behind it. I really enjoyed this short, even more so than the last one. Which was nothing to sneeze at. Unless you’re allergic to movies. In which case… I pity you. As much as I like the tone and setting of “Alien,” from what little I’ve seen so far, I like “Prometheus” even more. As much as “Blade Runner,” possibly. We’ll see… I don’t want to jinx it. I am more than cautiously optimistic, however.

Second up: There’s a running joke among my friends and I that involves a cartoon character I haven’t fully developed yet; his name is Robot Hipster. I went so far as to buy the rights to RobotHipster.com, and if you happen to follow me on the Twitters, you’ll see that I will occasionally post with the hashtag #RobotHipster. So far, I haven’t gotten it past the “funny idea” stage, other than a few concepts for a single panel strip and some amusing quotes from Robot Hipster him(it)self. But yesterday my hilarious and talented friend Krister was bored enough to create and send me his very own “fan art” for Robot Hipster, and it is fan-tastic.


Radiohead at a party? Buzzkill!

Ah, hipsters… you are such easy targets, and for that I love you. I could fill up an entire blog post with my thoughts regarding people who bring guitars to parties, but… perhaps another time. And, to be honest, I do like mead. Bees and their bee-related products are pretty great, generally.

Last up: Superbrothers: Swords and Sworcery EP arrives today on Steam. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this game, but I don’t own an iPad and I’d kind of lost hope that I’d ever be able to play it. But now I can! I’m buying it right after I finish this post. Hopefully I’ll have some post-worthy thoughts about it next week.

And now last last up… I’ve been listening to a lot of MC Frontalot lately. I saw him a year and a half ago at New England Webcomics Weekend, and I’ve been getting familiar with his extraordinarily mad rapping skillz ever since. I found this video of him performing “Spoiler Alert” in a VW bus, and I cannot stop watching it.

Also there is this clip of a song he made for Sesame Street. It’s about how toilet paper is made. Frontalot is one rad dude. As long as he continues to represent, I really don’t care how much he fronts.

And now it’s time to download Superbrothers!