I’m reminded of an hilarious Simpsons bit (back when the Simpsons was an hilarious show) where Krusty guest starred on SNL. He was in a skit called “The Big Ear Family,” and he had these comically enormous ears. He held up a giant Q-Tip and gestured at it, telegraphing the obvious joke regarding the size of his ears and the over-sized hygienic product they necessitated. Then he groaned and said “This goes on for twelve more minutes.”

I guess what I’m saying is, I’m a little nervous trying out such a corny joke while NOT making fun of SNL’s inability to properly edit its material. But I’ve already gone down a dark path with the giant ears, so I may as well make a few big ear jokes while I’m there. And I figured as long as I’m being corny, I may as well take a cue from the likes of “Hee Haw,” “Laugh In,” and Shakespeare,  and have Harry indulge in an aside to the audience.

Because if anyone’s going to indulge in an aside to the audience, it’s Harry.