In just a few hours, I am flying off to Florida for some family time! I was looking forward to this trip, which I usually take mid-March, because it’s always nice to travel from 40-degree weather to 75-degree weather. But, apparently, Maine has decided to have Summer early, so I’ll be leaving 75-degree weather to go to different 75-degree weather. Thanks, global warming! No, seriously. Thank you. I mean it.

Okay, so that means I’m off until next Wednesday, and that means I won’t be doing any new Circuits next week. I know, I know. I’m sorry. There will be a new one on Friday, of course. But don’t think I’m leaving  you totally empty-handed next week. That ain’t like me. In lieu of actual new installments of Circuits, I’m going to try a little experiment… a funny experiment. All next week (Mon., Wed., and Fri.), I will be hand-selecting some of my favorite strips of times past, for a little segment I like to call “Klassic Kircuit Kollection: Engrish Edition.”

“But Luke!” you say. “You spelled ‘Engrish’ wrong! What’s up with that?”

“Shhhhhh,” I say. “Don’t you worry. It’s all part of the plan.”

So here’s the deal: I take one of my favorite strips, and re-post it. But before I re-post it, I cram it into Google Translate and transmogrify the English dialogue into Japanese dialogue.

Then I re-feed the Japanese dialogue back into the translator, and make it spit out English words. Or, more accurately, “Engrish” words. I tried it already… it’s funny. Trust me. So then I take the new dialogue, pop it into the aforementioned favorite strip, and the finished product is “Klassic Kircuit Kollection: Engrish Edition.”

So that’s what I’m leaving you with while I’m gone. Not too shabby, right? Almost as good as an original Circuit! But it means I get to be lazy and enjoy my vacation.

Oh, and one tiny tidbit of video game news before I go. Baldur’s Gate is being remade, and it’s coming out this Summer! Baldur’s Gate 2 will follow sometime after, and there’s a possibility that there will be an all-new Baldur’s Gate 3! Hot stuff!