Okay, I owe all you fantastic readers a giant apology. I’ve been very intermittent with Circuit updates over the past month. No legit excuse, but I’ll give you the usual… I blame summer in Maine. It’s short and sweet, friends come up to visit, and I travel down east to some visiting of my own. This year I haven’t had a buffer of Circuit strips to cover the schedule whilst I go off and do other things, so I’ve been a bad cartoonist of late.

It’s safe to say that in the beginning of August, you’ll have more Circuits to read on a regular basis. I will keep you all posted. In the future, I’ll also try to be better at updating via Facebook and Twitter as well. Thanks, as always, for being loyal readers.

In the meantime, have you heard? Bloom County is back!! Like, actually back, with new daily strips and color weekend strips! Bloom County, in case you didn’t know, was one of my absolute favorite strips growing up. It’s an odd and wonderful feeling to be reading it on a regular basis once more. I’d recommend simply heading over to Berkeley Breathed’s Facebook page. That’s where he’s been posting and sharing the new stuff. The computer I’m using right now (not my own) won’t let me embed a link, but if you ask Google nicely, I’m sure you’ll find it. I’ll update with a link soon.

And yes, it’s just as great as it always was.