I’m delighted to announce that Sam and Harry will be making a guest appearance on another webcomic in July!

The comic strip is called Woody After Hours, and no, it’s not about erections, so get your filthy minds out of the penis gutter. WAH is written by Ben Carter and illustrated by Paul Westover. Woody, the main character, hosts a late night talk show out of Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s very funny, and you should start reading it if you haven’t already. The strip chronicles the show’s production, from the backstage antics of Woody and his crew, to the guests he has on his show. And the cool thing is, when Woody has a guest on for an interview, the guest is an actual character from another comic strip!

This is where Sam and Harry come in! Woody was kind enough to invite them to come on the show, and of course they graciously accepted. I can’t give you a specific timeline just yet, but like I said, it will be sometime in July… I’ll let you the dates as we get closer. Stay tuned!

This is a very exciting development for Circuit, and Ben has been an excellent writing collaborator. Paul probably wants to kill us for writing so much freakin’ dialogue, but we just couldn’t help ourselves. The plan is to do seven strips, and the storyline is distinct from Circuit, so for seven awesome days you’re going to get a double dose of Sam and Harry, plus you’ll be introduced to another great webcomic!

Keep checking back here for the official dates of Sam and Harry’s guest appearance, and don’t forget to catch up on your Woody After Hours reading!