I have decided that today’s post will be mostly frivolous. Let’s start with a delightful video of a little goat being a total jerk to his little goat buddies:

That goat be crazy! And it’s from Houlton, Maine! From ‘Took a Leap’ Farm, to be more specific. I honestly didn’t know goats were such wacky creatures. But if there’s gonna be a viral goat video, I’m glad it’s a viral goat video from Maine. And I really shouldn’t mention Houlton as if I’m familiar with the place; I’ve only been up that way a couple times in my entire life. Portland and Houlton might be in the same state, but they’re about 4 hours apart, by car. And that isn’t even that far, by Maine standards; you don’t even want to know how far Madawaska is from Portland.

Next up in the frivolity department, we have Darth Vader hanging around with some Japanese people, chillin’ like a villain, just generally looking like an all-around badass.

Vader is looking badass, I mean. Not the Japanese people. Although, I guess if Vader is hanging around with you and not choking you out with his mind, you should qualify as being badass yourself.

And then there’s this story of some renegade knights robbing a Renaissance faire in France! Thanks to io9 for that one. Could it possibly have been these guys?


Jolly good!

Okay, now for something a little less frivolous: Skyrim news. Because Skyrim is serious business, obviously. Anyhoo… remember last week, when Pete Hines said Bethesda had “no timeline” for a Dawnguard release for PC or PS3? And then everyone lost their marbles because they assumed Hines meant Bethesda wasn’t releasing Dawnguard on those platforms at all? Well, Hines elaborated recently on Twitter, and basically told everyone to calm down. More recently, he also said there would be more info regarding the DLC later this week. So, hopefully I’ll find out soon exactly when I’ll be able to wield a crossbow. Because I really need me a crossbow. I’ve got vampires to shoot. And bears. Mostly bears. Especially cave bears. Those guys are dicks.

I’m still playing through L.A. Noire, and I’m still enjoying the heck out of it, though last night I took a Skyrim break, for old times’ sake. There was a video from Funny or Die that I wanted to share with you, and the Intertubes weren’t cooperating with me, so I’m going to try again to post it below:


Hopefully it works this time.

And I’m only bringing it up because I mentioned earlier I how I had finally gotten into the Harry Potter books… but I just finished the whole thing two days ago, and now I am sad. I’m sad because I have no more Potter to read, and I became so engrossed with the series that I don’t know what to do with myself when I’m done. When September rolls around and I come to the cold realization that I won’t off to Hogwarts, I think I might just freak right the hell out. I suppose I have the movies, now, to wean me off more gradually. Somehow, I managed to not see any of the movies, so I can chew up a few hours with those. Then I think it might be time to track down the remainder of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series; I had finished The Gunslinger just before I picked up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and I really dug it, but I only own the first one. Nearby used bookstores, here I come!

I leave you today with something I watched only a few minutes ago; this fantastic live-action rendition of a not-so-typical Captain Planet episode, starring Don Cheadle as Captain Planet.


You’re welcome. Warning: It has some NSFW language. But of course it does… it’s got Don Cheadle in it.

[Update: The Interwebs continue to be dicks and I couldn’t embed some of these videos, so I’ve provided links to them instead. Bah! Humbug!]