Ask Ed, and he shall answer!

Devil’s Edvocate is a weekly advice column by everyone’s favorite talking mustachioed bell… Ed! Got problems communicating with your significant other? Don’t know what to buy your dog for its birthday? Stuck on a video game level? Ask Ed! Every Sunday, Ed will take a few of your questions and answer them, in no particular order. Ask him anything. He’ll have an answer for you. There are no guarantees, however, that you’ll like the answer. Ed only asks that you please keep the question family friendly… it’s Sunday, fer cryin’ out loud!

Devil’s Edvocate will premiere on Sunday, November 7th! Start sendin’ in those questions!

To ask Ed something, simply fill out the form below. Or, if you’d rather send him an old-fashioned email, you can send your question to “”.

Get ready to be advised!

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