I’m off to Downeast Maine as soon as I finish this post, so I’ll try to keep it down to the nitty-gritty.

Let’s see… the nitty: Dawnguard finally came out for Skyrim on the PC, and, naturally, I picked it up (almost) as soon as it was available. I haven’t had a chance to really sink my dual-wielding Khajit teeth into it yet, so I’ll save my comments until next week. Okay… just a couple comments. First-impression-style.

Not that I ever really stopped playing Skyrim, but the DLC has definitely gotten me back into the world. I’m playing as a vampire-killer, and I like the questline so far. I like the NPCs, especially Serana. I love the crossbow… and I love the chance to upgrade it; I’m currently on a quest to find dwarven schematics for exploding crossbow bolts. Color me happy. Also, I haven’t had time to actually use one, but I get the feeling that I will very much like my own armored troll, once I get around to buying one.

Now… how about some gritty? Leviathan DLC is coming within the next few weeks for Mass Effect 3! If I were I guessing man (and I’m not), I’d guess it will come out next Tuesday. Bethesda said “summer,” and they wouldn’t announce it unless they were super close, so… we shall see. I noticed several gaming news sites getting all carried away and saying it would “change” the ending, and I remember thinking that was foolish, assuming that what Bioware meant was we’ll get some more context-related dialogue near the end, giving us more juicy details about the Reapers and their origins. Lo and behold, Bioware specified that they were not, in fact, altering the ending, and were just adding more context. Context is fine by me; I happen to really like the story, and I would love to know more about the Reapers and were they came from.

Shep brings it to the Reapers, underwater-style.

[Here are some spoilers!]

And as long as I’m throwing down wild hunches, here’s another one for you: I don’t think Leviathan is a Reaper. Remember how the Catalyst said the Reapers were modeled after the first species? I think it’s one of those. It’s been established at this point that the Leviathan DLC takes place in an underwater setting, right? Don’t those Reapers look like aquatic creatures to you? Just a hunch, like I said.

[Okay, no more spoilers.]

That’s the nitty and the gritty, but there’s one more thing I’d like to share with you: it’s a very excellent fan-made Portal 2 short film. A fellow by the name of Zacharia Scott made it, using Valve’s new Source Filmmaker. It’s quite nice.

The music is by The National, and I somehow missed the boat on these guys, even though they’ve been around for a while. The track is called “Exile, Vilify,” and it first appeared during the game itself; apparently they produced it exclusively for Portal 2. It’s a beautiful and haunting track, and I remember finding it playing on a radio in one of those hidden-behind-the-wall compartments you can find throughout the game. Standing there and listening to the whole track play was one of those things that completely immersed me in the game world, and is one small reason why Portal 2 is such a fantastic game.

And now I must pack, and be on my way. I’ll be bringing Skyrim with me, because it looks like there are some rainy days ahead. Any excuse to kill vampires.